Thursday, August 6, 2015


Is it ever too early to start thinking about Halloween? That would be a NO!!!! It’s why HALLOWEENPALOOZA 3 is waiting … lurking in the shadows and ready for you to join! It’ll kick into action on October 1st, and we want your butt there!!!

We have the best assemblage of authors, books, and prizes waiting to be consumed during the month of October. Horror lovers will be satiated up to their gills in terror!!! You’ll be doused, ignited and lit up with DAILY GIVEAWAYS from 31 Masters of Horror, they want nothing more than to freeze your brain!!! And they’ll do, too!!!

This year’s theme will be MONSTERS!!!! Fiends that are iconic, loved, hated, and some new mash-ups that will be created especially for this event!!! To celebrate all kinds of creatures that make us howl with glee, there’ll be short stories, blogs and interviews for you to sink your teeth into and ravage!!! Who are our authors and what is our line-up?!!!! Oh, no!!! Not so fast!!!! We’re saving all that, but for now we’ll give you the royal tease!!! Here are just some of what you can be expecting, complete with a link to their author page!!!!

Eric Wilder 
Todd Travis

Excited? You should be!!! Please join our wolf pack so you don’t miss out on all the gory fun!!! Just follow this blog and then click on the image below (or above), and it’ll take you to our Official Facebook Event Page!!! Say you’re attending and then indulge in a big ARRRR-YHOOOOOOOO!!!!”

Bobbing for apples is always optional. Just make sure there isn’t a scythe swinging near your head!!!

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