Tuesday, September 30, 2014

You Want to Win?!!! Then Enter!


Can't believe I made it through the gestation period, but the monster will hatch tomorrow!!! It'll come after you if you don't join ... but then it'll come after you, anyway, so why not win a few prizes while you're running away and trying to hide?!! *hint hint* IT WILL FIND YOU!!! BWAHHAHHHAAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

As promised here's a bit more of the rules of our extravaganza:

1. DAILY FEATURED BOOK GIVEAWAY. Each day there will be a bloody, gory, gruesome and thoroughly delightful book up for grabs. The number of copies and format will vary. In order to enter for a chance to win a copy, you only need to comment "I want to win!" in the post devoted to that daily giveaway. That evening, I will put all the names through the cuisinart known as random.org and a winner(s) will be selected and announced! Please enter your name only once per daily drawing!

2. BEST PET COSTUME GIVEAWAY. Post a picture of your pet in a Halloween costume, and you might win! The prize package includes: 1. An official Halloweenpalooza t-shirt, 2. An official Halloweenpalooza dog tag necklace, 3. a box of their favorite treat from Petco, and 4. the choice of anyone of my books! To enter, post a picture or pictures of your pet(s) looking their most fiendish ... or cute-ish ... or ghoulish ... it's up to you, in the post I create for this contest! On October 31st, I'll pick one lucky winner! 

3. THE GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY. Hmmmm .... as I recall it had something to do with a guy wearing a clown costume?!!!! Still not revealing this one ... I'll post the details of the prize package and how to enter tomorrow. So there!

As for your horror link for today, I'm posting some music to get you in the mood. Personally, I think the theme for Halloween is the #1 choice all year round!!! Gives me chills each time I hear it!!



Monday, September 29, 2014

Holy Halloweenpalooza!!! Two More Days to Go!!!

TWO FREAKIN' DAYS TO GO!!!! Then the horror train barrels ahead, mowing down anything in its way! Look out for splatter!
Giving you a link to bleedingfilms.com.
They've reviewed a few films that I have not heard about before and there was even a link to a short, free, little ditty which I'm posting! Tomorrow I'll be telling you a bit about the two contests that will be happening, in addition to the DAILY drawing of a featured book! The rules for winning will be slightly different than previous promos so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can watch some nice horror:


Sunday, September 28, 2014



Oops, sorry!!! That just sort of slipped out! Like the knife I was wielding in the forest the other day! Before I knew it, it had stabbed twelve goblins ... at least that's what I thought they were! But enough about me ans my list of felonies ... 

Today's flick wasn't categorized as horror, but what do you call a film where a upscale, genetically-gfted family is terrorized by a ... RAT!!! I'd call it GOOD! Throw in a great script, Peter "Robocop" Weller and a very, very huge, crafty rodent (where'd they get this guy? Central casting?" and you've got a humdinger of a good night of viewing pleasure in front of you!

It's called "Of Unknown Origin," and although the critics weren't so kind, I'm giving it my stamp of approval and that trumps those lizard-livered, popcorn sucking, couch potatoes! Love how the movie just goes from a man taking care of a little infestation to a full-scale war against a very cunning enemy! Goddamn those little four-legged buzzards! Do you  think it's their hairless tails? Not sure, but those glowing, beady eyes do NOT help! So have some fun and rent this one! Weller is a madman as he takes on evil all to save his family!   


And to tempt all you pumpkin carvers, here’s a shot of one of the prizes we’ll be giving away! Yup, if you win, you can show the world that you attended the premiere horror giveaway of 2014! 

Join here on our official FB Event Page and you won't miss a thing!



Saturday, September 27, 2014

Werewolves and Full Moons: An Awesome Combination

Need a Little Werewolf in Your October?
With four days to go until the start of HALLOWEENPALOOZA II, can I get an ARRRR-RHOOOOOO?!!!!!
Why? Because to me, nothing says Halloween like a werewolf! It's a favorite genre of mine and I could watch people transform and grow hair in places the 40-year-old virgin never imagined!  So in order to get you in the mood for the celebration, how about one of the bestest morphs ever captured on film? Yes, I'm talkin' about AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON! Just how creepy was this movie? Yes, full throttle creepy, and yet, I sure kept watching it!

And speaking of wolves, I'm also including another wolf movie that didn't win a lot of acclaim at the time of its release. Nonetheless I love it for its message. I keep waiting for the WOLFEN to seek revenge!