Friday, September 26, 2014

The Step of the Cat: Pet Sematary

FIVE DAYS LEFT AND I JUST CAN'T KEEP A SECRET!!! I've just gotta tell you a little more about the HALLOWEENPALOOZA II: THE STEP OF THE CAT GIVEAWAY! So here goes:
Each day in October, we'll be giving away one of our 31 participating author's titles. Oh, but guess what? Some of our brilliantly insane authors have taken the challenge of this extravaganza to heart and have penned NEW FICTION to go with the theme of this year's celebration. And what's the theme? If you guessed the Step of the Cat, you are so right! Yes, the challenge was to write a story about a .... BLACK CAT! So all the stories that will be posted in our blog will feature a black cat as a main character. Sometimes victim, sometimes victor, they're all yummily creepy! So hold onto your stomachs because we will be serving up some delish-a-rific horror just for you! Hope we turn your insides to jelly and make you nail up your doors!
In honor of our special guest of honor and bestest mysterious creature ever, the kitty cat, today's pick is the Master of Horror's little ditty that features the awesomeness of the feline. It's called Pet Sematary and if you haven't read or seen it, where the hell have you been? I'm sure you have, but maybe it's time to refresh our palates and read or see it again. Can't have too much ice cream or too much King! And I'm posting a pic of the MAH-STER with his little Clovis!

So don't be the "ween"ie in Halloween! Join now and have some fun! 


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