Saturday, September 27, 2014

Werewolves and Full Moons: An Awesome Combination

Need a Little Werewolf in Your October?
With four days to go until the start of HALLOWEENPALOOZA II, can I get an ARRRR-RHOOOOOO?!!!!!
Why? Because to me, nothing says Halloween like a werewolf! It's a favorite genre of mine and I could watch people transform and grow hair in places the 40-year-old virgin never imagined!  So in order to get you in the mood for the celebration, how about one of the bestest morphs ever captured on film? Yes, I'm talkin' about AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON! Just how creepy was this movie? Yes, full throttle creepy, and yet, I sure kept watching it!

And speaking of wolves, I'm also including another wolf movie that didn't win a lot of acclaim at the time of its release. Nonetheless I love it for its message. I keep waiting for the WOLFEN to seek revenge!

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