Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stephen King's 11/22/63 Being Turned into Hulu miniseries

Don't know if y'all heard the announcement, but things are looking up in the horror department! The Mah-Ster's, Stephen King, great novel 11/22/63 is being turned into a nine-hour mini-series for Hulu! That's right! Nine hours where we can lose ourselves in some mighty good entertainment!!!

So here's a nice creepy film that's sure to curl your blood -- hopefully!!! Annabelle is all about a sweet, little-whittle cursed doll! You know the kind ... the ones that try to kill you and your loved ones in your sleep? So annoying to have around and yet so much fun to watch!!!

And the thing is that Annabelle was REAL! Yup! This doll is still out there, locked up behind some glass so she doesn't get loose again! And I can see you all trying to adopt her just to make things more interesting, but don't! Get the little dolls that grab knives and move without batteries instead! Here's an article on the "lovely" *cough cough* Annabelle: 

Aw, doesn't she look sweet -- NOT!!!! And does that say do NOT touch or do NOT open before Christmas? Do hope she'll be given to someone deserving!


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