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JOHN PALiSANO: The Luck of the 13

The Luck of the 13
by John palisano
Copyright © 2017 by John Palisano
So what the heck does the number 13 mean to me? A whole lot. I came into this world on a 13th. June, if you’re wondering. Me and my twin brother. And from what I’m told it was kind of a hair-raising entry. We were underweight. We fought for our lives. We barely made it. Life was a struggle. From day one.
But we did it. We thrived. We lived, damn it.
This made me feel like me and my brother were lucky as all get out. How could that day be anything other than luck-giving?
Growing up, we were razzed. Thirteen, after all, is supposed to be bad luck. It’s not supposed to be good luck. No way.
I resisted.
Even after the movies about Fridays and thirteens being about a murderous, shapeless, heartless child-man.
Thirteen is lucky, I insisted. It was mine. My luck. Get over it. I don’t care what you say!
I would bet on thirteen. I used it for my email address at times.
As I grew and found myself chin-deep into the horror genre, I embraced being born on the thirteenth. We had special Friday the thirteenth birthday parties on the years it fell on that notorious day. They were always fun.
But why is thirteen considered unlucky? Is it because it’s not an even number, easily divisible by something smaller? Well, that sounded like me, too. I’m not something easily divided by smaller things.
What does numerology have to say about thirteen? I was surprised to find that thirteen is considered a lucky number in many circles. Especially older places. Made sense. I knew I was an old soul.
But do I really believe in numbers being inherently lucky or unlucky? Could there be some real science behind the phenomenon? Was and is there anything to your birthdate?
According to Astrology your birthday has a whole hell of a lot to do with your personality and successes and failures in life.
I’ve had many readings in my life, and they have been on the general side. Not enough to be applicable with any real proof other than coincidence. Once I was told I was an artist. Easy. I keep my hair long. Have that feel. It’s an easy guess. I checked some of the other celebrities who shared my birthday and they are very different than me. Each seems the be into different walks of life.
Some of the things Astrology claims about people born on my day can be seen as accurate. But they always seemed so vague.
In the end? I think that it’s mostly a cultural folk tale. It’s fun to think about, and fun to play in that mythology, but in the end? It’s just a number. It’s. It really representative of who I am as a whole.
But I will admit that even as I say these things, there’s still enough of a curiosity in me to play those numbers on the Lotto, or think if it comes up on a receipt it could be some kind of sign.
So if you see me at the liquor store buying lottery tickets, or grabbing a birthday six-pack, you’ll know, and there’ll be a mischievous look in my eye, because on Friday the thirteenth, curious beings can be born, and even more curious things can happen. Especially if you make sure of it.
* * *

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  1. I love this!!! I always say 13 is my lucky number too and I am always lucky on Friday the 13th. Of course, I also explain to people that I don't believe in bad luck and if you don't believe in bad luck then the only other option is to be lucky. LOL
    Thanks for the giveaway too!