Friday, October 20, 2017



Just when you thought it was safe, you find out it’s GIVEAWAY TIME!!!! Yup, more great horror to send you diving under the covers and hunting for some chocolate to take the edge off!!!! And you’ll need it today because … it’s another EVERYBODY’S A WINNER DAY!!!! Not only that, but TWO fantastic reads are yours!!!! Charmain is offering up: LUST FOR BLOOD and VAMPYRE: IN THE BEGINNING!!!
Just click on links and enjoy your FREE DOWNLOADS!!!! Lust for Blood' is a collection of thirteen grisly short stories written by the author Charmain Marie Mitchell.

The stories range in size from 1,400 words to 9,800 and focuses on the complexities of the human mind (with a couple of supernatural tales thrown in for good measure). There is nothing so complicated as a human being and sometimes nothing so horrific!


A Passion for Death - Never published before. A new twist on an old tale.

Beecham Manor - Never published before. A ghostly tale from Cornwall.

Sometimes Sacrifices need to be made - Previously published story - In the Beginning, is the first in the series of journals detailing the life of Gwen, a 500 year old vampire. Each novel focuses on a period in Gwen's life, her love's, losses, failure's, and hope's. Bringing different periods in history to life, readers will grow to love Gwen and Robert (The vampire leader), and their bitter, explosive, and passionate love. The 'Vampires' series begins in Tudor England and continues through each novel until present time.

You can interact with the character Gwen Leigh on Facebook


'Tom’s mother Martha was sprawled across the large kitchen table, her clothes ripped, and in places, torn completely away; her breasts fell from her laced bodice, flaccid and drooping to the sides of her lifeless body. Her legs were at a strange angle, and her skirts bunched up into a ball at her waist. I could see, even from where I was standing, that she was dead! Martha's eyes were open, staring into nothingness and devoid of life, but it was her throat that caught my attention, it gaped open, and it looked like, what I imagined, the huge black cavern of hell to look like.'

Charmain Marie Mitchell lives on the south coast of the UK. She feels writing is for her an addiction, and needs her fix daily. She finally decided to take the plunge and become a full time author at the end of 2012, and she is loving every minute of her decision. If you wish to follow Charmain on her writing journey you can connect on twitter @charmain_m or follow her blog

An author will live forever in the beauty of words!

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