Tuesday, October 27, 2015

DAVID BEERS: The Devil's Dream


By David Beers ©2015
They exist.

Before we move forward with this little essay, I want that to be known up front. Monsters are as real as you and I. I’m not talking about magic and I’m not talking about ghosts.

I’m talking about the things that eat you alive. The creatures that will rip you apart, pulling your flesh off your bones while you’re alive and screaming; the monsters that will tie your family up and make them watch as it takes pieces of you that you didn’t even know existed.

How many movies have you seen where these monsters show up? Sometimes they’re chainsaw wielding freaks. Sometimes they’re hitchhikers with a thumb out. The underlying similarity, no matter where the monster arrives, is that those about to be harmed don’t see it coming. They’re always riding along, happy enough, thinking about the future ahead of them.

I imagine those poor people are avoiding much of the past, because who likes dwelling there?

And somehow, a monster shows up. And outside of a few blonde virgins who somehow make it out alive, the monster takes everything it can from the group.

You don’t see the monster coming, and by the time it’s there, not much can be done. When you’re tied up, with only the sweat dripping from your brow to quench the desperate thirst your throat is clamoring about, what can you do? When you watch your lover slit from her groin to her sternum, her intestines falling out on the floor beneath, what can you possibly say that’s going to get you out of those tight ropes wrapped around your wrists and ankles?

I’m sure you’ll plead.

I’m sure you’ll beg.

Because you didn’t think monsters existed. Even after reading this, you’ll go forward imagining that I’m just a fairly fucked up author, and you’ll never be cruising down a road with the wind blowing around you and your friends, music blaring, and suddenly find the monster that will end your life.

Why should you? That stuff only happens in movies and books, most of which aren’t very good.

But, I’ll tell you once more.

Monsters are real.

And there’s a good chance one is waiting on you. It’s already on the road, and it knows you’re coming. It’s known you’d be coming for quite a while, and it took its time making its way to the side of that lonesome road, because these things are fate. You can’t avoid the monster; it was born long ago—and I believe each monster was born specifically for the person it ends up ripping apart.

Now, don’t worry. That’s the last thing I want you to do. Because, in all honesty, there’s nothing you can do. Not now, and not when it’s nibbling on your cheeks, blood dripping down your neck in warm, sticky strands. Just know that it’s coming, but worrying will get you nowhere.

I don’t know which monster is waiting, though I wish I did. I’d tell you, honest. I want you to know as much about these things as possible, because education is going to be a much better defense than knives or guns. Trust me.

There isn’t a lot a gun can do against heroin, besides open up a hole in your own head.

There isn’t a lot a knife can do against alcohol.

There isn’t a lot that violence, in any form, can do against addiction.

Monsters are real, dear reader; we see them all around us, and have already watched those we love be devoured alive. We just call them different names and sweep them under the rug so that no one need face them. We call them alcoholism, and sex addiction, and gambling addiction, and on and on and on. It doesn’t matter what we name the monsters, only that they’re real, and if you haven’t been really careful throughout your life…

One is probably waiting for you.

But don’t worry, there’s nothing you can do.

David Beers
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David Beers writes thriller novels in Orlando, Florida. When not writing, he obsesses over stories in the news about unexplained deaths and paranormal happenings to the point that his friends and family wonder if he should see a psychiatrist.
Before publishing novels, David received awards for his short fiction seen in numerous publications, including the New York Times mentioned Every Day Fiction.
David scribbles weekly on topics from crime to horror movies at his website, http://www.davidbeersauthor.com. He loves interacting with fans through email, hand written letters, and smoke signals, so feel free to contact him!
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