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By Sean Thomas fisher ©2015
SEAN THOMAS FISHER: Monsters…can’t live with em, can’t live without em.
Can you imagine a world without monsters? No vampires, no zombies, no ghosts, no Franken Berry. Bite your tongue. It’d be like Leonardo DiCaprio being sober in The Wolf of Wall Street. Life would be so…boring. Long walks through the cemetery at night, closing the closet door before bed, and going to investigate a strange noise in the basement at three twenty-three in the morning would all be for naught. When I was a child, I had an imaginary friend, named The Claw, who would come out of the ceiling and count my hairs while I slept. I can still remember lying perfectly still in my bed, pretending to sleep with my heart thundering in my chest while The Claw slowly pinched one strand after another between its thin talons. Bravely glancing at The A-Team M16 poking from my toy box, I would bide my time until my moment of opportunity arrived to make a move. It was my mission. My charge. Sure, if I failed my mission, The Claw would have to start over at hair one and I risked missing Scooby-Doo the following Saturday morning due to lethargy but without The Claw, I would’ve been sleeping with a tattered Teddy Ruxpin, dreaming of Big Wheels and Pound Puppies, half the man I am today.
          Instead, I am now ready for any horrifying calamity that should come my way: the zombocalypse, demonic possession, another Twilight movie. You name it and, thanks to my monster, I’m ready for battle. I like to think my fascination with writing stories about zombies, ghosts and demons stems directly from my nights spent with The Claw. That one monster (I have, by the way, trademarked for a future book down the road so don’t be going and getting any ideas) singlehandedly changed me into the person I am today and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My wife, on the other hand, would probably prefer I change our Netflix ratio of horror movies to chick-flicks from 7 to 1 but I digress. My monster saved me from a life of boredom and with Halloween right around the corner, I’d like to take a moment and, for the first time in my life, publicly thank The Claw for counting the hairs on my head. Without It, instead of an Amazon bestselling ZA book, I might have an Amazon bestselling romantic comedy and that would just be too damn boring – unless the protagonist was a paranormal investigator with a fondness for Crab Rangoon pizza. Then that might be cool.

Sean Thomas Fisher
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Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, Sean Thomas Fisher graduated from The University of Iowa and is the happy husband of the most beautiful woman in the world. He is also the proud father of a sweet little girl who stole his heart and refuses to give it back, which explains his lack of compassion.
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If you are reading this, you are the resistance...

Six days into a global pandemic, the plan is simple: Stay alive. With their close friend Dan and limited amounts of ammunition, Paul Hessler and his wife, Sophia, quickly find themselves on their own in the snowy Midwest. The police and military have already lost the battle, and in a world where chaos rules the streets, what chance does the everyday man have against the undead nipping at their heels? Armed with only shotguns and handguns, this untrained trio is about to find out what it takes to survive the apocalypse. The only question is…will they want to?               
A Little More Dead 2 coming soon

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