Wednesday, October 23, 2013


They say only a thin veil separates us from the paranormal realm. I didn't really believe that until Loughcrew.

We were traveling in Ireland in 2009, visiting prehistoric sites.  Some were easy to find: a tour bus full of retirees could take you to the site's doorstep.  To get to others you had to walk through a grassy field with sheep manure landmines, because they are on a farmer's land.  Still others, like Loughcrew in County Meath, required some endurance and dedication to reach them, since they are located on steep hills with rain-slicked paths, brittle heather ground cover and boggy peat.

We chose the Cairn T of the Loughcrew passage tombs to visit.  We weren't exactly in shape for mountain climbs, but we decided on mind-over-flabby-muscles and after much near-asthmatic wheezing and huffing we made it to the top of the hill.  Only to find out that the passage tomb of Cairn T had its entrance blocked with a metal bar gate, secured by a lock.

We could still see inside the passage tomb with its massive upright boulders and the inner chamber shrouded in cool shadows and decorated with mysterious prehistoric carvings that remind of a celestial or astral map.  That in itself inspired awe, though we wished we knew beforehand that a key was available if you asked the nice ladies in a coffee shop down the hill.

While my husband walked around the site, I continued to gaze inside the tomb.  An urge to put my hands on the stones that formed the entrance and to close my eyes came upon me from nowhere.  A vision formed in my mind, bright and immediate: A funeral of someone important.  Warriors in animal skin tunics and leggings standing in two rows, facing each other as they formed a corridor that led to the entrance of this very tomb.  Each warrior holds a half-disk made of copper in his hands.  Four more warriors carry a wooden stretcher lined with fresh spruce bows.  On the stretcher lies a dead bearded man dressed in finely decorated clothes.  The sun glints sharply from the copper half-disks, illuminating the bearded man's final passage.

In my heart I knew this to be a true vision, especially since I had never read any literature about Celtic burials before, so it couldn't have been inspired by a book.  I thanked the spirits that found me worthy of such a gift, a peek through the veil of mystery and time.


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  1. Loved the spooky story. Too bad the ladies in the coffee shop hadn't given you the key! But what you got was much nicer.

  2. Yes, you got the vision because you had to WORK for it! So cool. I want to visit Ireland so much.