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Your second chance to win great horror!

FOUR ecopies of Brian Alaspa's fantastic new horror/thriller STRANGE FRUIT AND THE SLENDER MAN are up for grabs! 

Be one of the first four to go to HALLOWEENPALOOZA'S Official Event site on Facebook (link provided below). Find the October 12th's SECOND GIVEAWAY post announcing this giveaway, and comment that "I WANT TO WIN" and you'll win!

May the Great Pumpkin be with you!!!! 


Chicago, 1957. Two sisters, the Haines sisters, have gone missing and the entire city is in an uproar. As word of their disappearance spreads across the country, two police detectives are assigned the arduous tasks of finding them alive, or bringing their bodies home. However, as the two hardened cops begin to investigate, they soon find that things are not as cut and dried as they thought. This is not a simple kidnapping. Something ancient, primal and utterly terrifying is at work here and nothing that they have ever known will ever be the same again. Something has lured them into a terrifying trap that will destroy their minds, take their souls, and leave the rest of the world baffled.

Adult-content rating: This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages. 


For non-fiction, he is the author of: Ghosts of St. Louis: The Lemp Mansion and Other Eerie Tales, Chicago Crime Stories: Rich Gone Wrong, Chicago Disasters, Forgotten Tales of Illinois, Silas Jayne: Chicago's Suburban Gangster, Sabotage: A Chronicle of the Chesterton Crash and Chicago's Unsolved Mysteries (due out in 2013).

For fiction he is the author of: The Ballad of the Blue Denim Gang, The Vanished Child, Dust, RIG: A Novel of Terror, Sin-Eater: Book One, Sin-Eater: Book Two - Destiny, Mythos: A Thriller, After the Snowfall, The Dead Phone, One Against Many: A Deklan Falls Mystery, and Vicious.

He is also the author of three collections: Why Hockey Sucks! And Other Random Thoughts, Stories and Flashpoint: A Collection of Curious Beginnings and Endings.
Mr. Alaspa writes true crime, history, horror, thrillers, mysteries, detective stories and tales about the supernatural.

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