Monday, October 7, 2013


This post is to remind everyone of our The Halloweenpalooza Ghost Story Competition!
This competition will last all month long. The last entry will be October 30th with the winner chosen on October 31st. The winning selection will be announced on this blog and Twitter.

Our lucky winner gets an amazing prize package that will be sending chills up their spine for weeks to come. The shivers may even last until next October 31st.

The rules? Not many. We like to keep it simple because we want to give away prizes! But first, let’s get this out of the way: THIS CONTEST IS LIMITED TO THOSE RESIDING IN THE U.S. AND CANADA. DUE THE ADULT NATURE OF SOME CONTENT, CONTESTANTS MUST ALSO BE 18 OR OLDER. BY ENTERING, YOU ARE CONFIRMING YOU MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS.

With that over, listen up, here’s how you win:

1. Post your best brush with ghosts (we’re assuming you survived) in our HALLOWEENPALOOZA: Ghost Stories Group on Facebook. The link is: 


You must join the group in order to post. 

2. These stories must be real life encounters that you have personally experienced.

3. The stories can be as short or as long as you like, but can’t exceed 1,200 words. We just want to be creeped out. 

4. Leave your first name and Twitter handle or email at the end of your post so we can contact you.

5. Winners will be chosen by bestselling author Susan J. McLeod and moi. We’ll look for the entry that best sends us into adrenalin overload and has us ducking under the bed.

You’re probably wondering about the prize package. Ready? Here we go:

– An ecopy of the awesomeThe Dark Ascension Series by N.R. Wick. This includes: Land of No Angels (Dark Ascension, Book 1), Land of No Mortals (Dark Ascension, Book 2) and Land of No Demons (Dark Ascension, Book 3).

– A $15 Amazon gift card will also be given courtesy of Ms. Wick.

A print copy of Ronan Cray’s bestseller Red Sand. This is scream-inducing horror at its best.

– A signed copy of Fire & Shadow by Susan J. McLeod

– A print copy of Beneath the Surface of Things and In Our House: Tantalizing Tales of Terror courtesy of Julie Dawson of Bards and Sages Quarterly, Two fabulous books that will be the catalyst for you leaving the lights on for about a year.

– An ARC copy of Aaron Smith’s new horror thriller Chicago Fell First. It’s a panic-filled tale of a zombie outbreak wiping out Chicago. Big cities just became more dangerous.

– An ecopy of Bryan W. Alaspa’s new horror thriller Strange Fruit and the Slender Man. Why is murder never simple when ancient evils are involved?

An ecopy of G. K. Wakeling’s Pacifier 6, The Shadows Within, an zombie apocalyptic tale guaranteed to freeze your blood marrow.

An ecopy of The Man with the Blue Hat, my bedtime story designed to give you nightmares.

That’s the package, folks! 

And don't be shy about entering. We're not looking for professionally written stories, we're looking for creepy, terrifying ones!  So if you've got one, let us know.

So dust off your ghost story and write it down. Who knows? You may find yourself up to your ears in stultifying horror.

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