Sunday, October 6, 2013


A friend of my father’s told us this story and claimed it is true:

A young couple he knew lived on the outskirts of town. The wife had a good relationship with her father-in-law and he often stopped by of a morning to check on her and his son or just to say hello. One morning around ten-thirty or so, she looked out her back window and saw him coming up the walk. She opened the door. “Hi Dad,” she said, and welcomed him into her kitchen.

“I can’t stay long,” he told her as he stepped through the door. Then he sat down at the table, drank a cup of coffee with her, and they visited like usual for perhaps twenty minutes to half an hour. He got up to leave. She went with him to the door, he told her goodbye, and she watched him walk away down the path. She thought no more about it at the time.

Later, she and her husband were contacted and informed that her father-in-law had died very early that morning. There was simply no way he could have stopped by their house for a visit. But somehow he did.

They never saw the man again. The young couple was not frightened by this, however; they figured their loved one had merely been making a final visit to say his goodbyes.


K. Wodke is the author of Mirtis Tod, a short novel of uplifting horror. Mirtis Tod is available in e-book or audio-book. Karen also co-writes with PJ Hawkinson under the name Wodke Hawkinson. They have published four novels, three collections of short stories, and several short story singles. For more information, please visit their websites and

Description: Mirtis Tod is not well. Her friend, Chet, convinces her to see a doctor. Dr. Olum is very intrigued by her condition, so much so that he wants to keep her hospitalized against her will. Mirtis doesn't trust the medical staff and escapes. But physicians are not the only ones pursuing her. A dark, hooded figure stalks her as well.

If you like your tales a bit on the strange side, you will enjoy this novelette.
Approx. 16,000 words.


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  1. I've heard of this happening to other people and it just sends chills up my spine! Thanks for your generous offer too!