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Jason Brant: 5 Steps to a Great Relationship

5 Steps to a Great Relationship
Jason Brant
Copyright © 2016 by Jason Brant

1. Be particular.Garbage in, garbage out. That’s a phrase I follow in all facets of my life from dieting to dating. If you go to a bar to find a significant other, then the odds of you meeting someone less than desirable go up exponentially. That goes for men and women. Do you really want someone who is interested in a drunken hook up or someone looking for a long-term partnership?
I prefer to start my search at the gym or bookstore. Partners who are intelligent and fit are extremely attractive to me, so I tend to haunt those locations more than others. Obviously, it’s much easier to enter a relationship with someone who is single. Husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, tend to protest if you take their significant others away from them.
After you filter out those with wedding bands and/or a partner nearby, you’ll start to get a feel for who is open to meeting someone new and who might be more resistant. Body language is key. Do you catch their eye? Are they lingering around after finishing their workout or buying a book?
After identifying a potential lover, it’s important not to rush anything. You want to prime your relationship pump before getting into anything serious. There are five steps for a reason!
2. Be chivalrous. Once I’ve settled upon the person I wish to pursue, I usually hang around the exterior of the establishment until they’re ready to leave. Call me old fashioned, but I’m a huge proponent of making sure your date gets home safely. Escorting them to their house is of primary importance when establishing your new relationship.
Be careful to give your new love interest ample space on the trip home—you don’t want to appear smothering. Being too close can cause concern when it clearly isn’t needed. Once they’re safely inside their house, it’s usually best to do a quick inspection of the property to make sure no one untoward is lurking around. I also like to check for a security system or a dog, and to ensure there isn’t a significant other in the home that I’m not aware of.
We want to guarantee their safety isn’t in question when we aren’t around.
3. Be caring.This is the easiest step. When starting a new relationship, I alwayswant to express my interest and commitment to my new love.It’s possible to make someone’s day by performing a few simple tasks.
I make sure to drive slowly past her house multiple times a day. It helps if your partner sees you, which can really make them feel safe.
Make the time to call them every morning and evening, even if you don’t feel like talking. Sometimes, I just like to breathe softly and listen to them speak. It’s very sensual. If they don’t answer the phone, then head over to their house and check that everything is all right. You can usually tell just by standing at the edge of the property or driveway for a while.
4. Be giving.When you feel ready to take your relationship to the next level, but aren’t ready for a massive leap, you can perform several easy chores that will really pull on their heartstrings. During your earlier trips to their home, you should have noticed some patterns forming in their day-to-day activities. If you’ve made note of their work hours, then it’ll be quite easy for you to complete this step.
Find a good hiding place on or near their property. Take the time to ensurethat you’re hidden or this will backfire! When you see your lover leaving for work, duck down and stay out of sight for a minimum of ten minutes. You don’t want to leave your hiding spot only to have them return because they forgot their lunch. That would blow the whole thing.
After your ten-minute break, head into their house. You should have noticed their preferred method of entry by now, so be sure to search that area first for a spare key. If nothing is there, check the kitchen windows because most people forget to lock those.
When you gain entry, simply do a few small chores around the house for your partner. Rearranging some furniture or throwing out bad leftovers in the refrigerator will go a long way. I’ve found that washing their clothing, particularly their underwear, can really get someone worked up and chipper.
Do this a few times a week and you’ll really get under their skin. In a good way! If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you might consider slipping a sex toy into their dresser. Imagine their surprise!
5. Be prepared.One of the biggest steps in any relationship is moving in together. This can be a huge undertaking,and I’m a firm believer in preparing for any potential bumps in the road that are bound to jounce you along. To make the transition as smooth as possible, I highly recommend having your lover move to your place. That gives you ample time to plan for every contingency, and it allows you to prepare your home for a future occupant.
First, you’ll want to ensure that the two of you will have privacy. Couples young in their relationship can sometimes make a lot of racket, if you know what I mean! I usually do some soundproofing around the house, particularly in the basement bedroom where we’ll spend the majority of our time. You’ll also want to invest in some high-quality blackout curtains. You don’t want anyone getting a free show through one of your windows.
Speaking of windows, you’ll want to put some bars over them to guaranteeyour lover’s safety in their new home. I’d reinforce the doors and add a few extra locks too. Any entrances to the basement bedroom should be heavily secured. You really can’t overdo these steps, so have fun with it.
My favorite part of the moving process is surprising your partner with it. Think of it as a marriage proposal—you want to spring it on them out of nowhere. I typically prefer to wait inside their house until they get home from work and then pop out and surprise them. You’ll obviously want to do this at night so they can’t see you while you’re hiding.
They might protest a bit, but I wouldn’t worry about it. Such a sudden change can often catch someone off guard, but with a little coercion, they’ll quickly see your way of thinking. To keep the night of surprises and romance going, I typically cover their eyes during the trip to your new home together. It isn’t nearly as fun if they see what’s coming!
Duct tape does the trick incredibly well. They might be tempted to remove the blindfold during the commute, so I would highly recommend binding their hands as well. Feet usually aren’t an issue, but it doesn’t hurt to lash those together while you’re at it. When they’re secured in your vehicle, ensure that you take a few back roads to your place. You really want to build the suspense, and a nice long drive is a superb way to do that. I like to equate the commute to foreplay.
Once you have them at your place, it’s vitally important that you get them into their new bedroom as quickly as possible. You don’t want nosy neighbors ruining your big day. Be careful while removing the duct tape and make sure to explain any and all rules you have for your home as clearly as possible. Punishment should only be doled out when absolutely necessary.
If you’ve made it this far, then congratulations! You’ve successfully found yourself a perfect partner. Treat them well and keep them happy and I guarantee you’ll have many years of joy and happiness together.

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The darkness is alive and it is the reason we fear the night.
"JASON BRANT" is an anagram for Bas Trojann, a former Bigfoot hunter who, after being abducted (and subsequently returned) by aliens, decided to hang up his ghillie suit and enter the world of professional arm wrestling. Despite back-to-back first place finishes in the South Dakota World International Championship League, Bas receded from athletics to invent cheese and give Al Gore the initiative to create the internet.
Nearly a decade after writing the bestselling self-help series, Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese (Cut into Four Pieces) for the Soul, Bas has left his life of notoriety and critical acclaim behind him to write existential, erotic poetry.
His wife washes their clothing on his abs.


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