Sunday, October 30, 2016

Oct 30 -- JOHN EVERSON: Why Won't You Just Leave Me Alone?

Why wont you
just leave me alone?

John Everson
Copyright © 2016 by John Everson
Most of the time, all I really want is to be left alone.
Put me in a room with electricity, a stereo and a beer fridge and I would be happy to stay there for hours. Days. I could lose myself in the music, or open a file and lose myself in telling a story. But the key part is being left alone.
When I go to a bar, I don’t want to talk to the jibber-jabbering lonelyhearts sitting next to me. I want them to shut up and watch the game on the overhead TV. Just leave me alone with my thoughts and my beer and my laptop, please. You can imagine, with that attitude, I don’t have a large posse of close friends!
That’s not to say that I’m a complete misanthropic recluse. I host a big summer yard party at my house every year, and a winter chili, ale and bourbon fest. I love cooking for people and playing the host. But the events are held on my own terms, and when they’re done, the people all go home and I’ve got my personal Fortress of Solitude back again.
I suspect that this may be a slightly more male attitude than female. We don’t have woman caves, we have man caves… the place where men retreat from the rest of the house thronging with voices and feet. I know of far more anti-social men than women.
In any event, coming from that head space, you can imagine that the thought of someone forcing themselves into my personal space is a terrifying theme. Especially when that other person doesn’t just want to be heard… they want a piece of you.
Stalking villains are a major trope in horror. More than slimy, grotesque monsters, really our biggest communal fear is of someone or something intruding upon our lives in a way we do not want. Something coming out of the dark that just won’t go away.
One of the most effective horror films of the past 25 years, for me, was High Tension. One of the first films I ever saw from the French “extremity” movement, it follows two college girls who are seemingly stalked by a brutal killer. But the film’s truth is much worse. It’s a nailbiter start to finish because throughout the film, the “personal space” (and lives) of person after person are not only intruded upon, but shattered.
There are stalking villains who cause mayhem for the pure love of violence, a la A Clockwork Orange (anarchistic and frightening) and stalking stories due to twisted love. I think the latter, which High Tension falls into, is often the most disturbing, because the stalker’s eyes look on the victim with love while dismantling any chance of love’s happiness. What is worse than being murdered by love? It’s the ultimate betrayal of humanity.
In my novel Siren, I touched on the stalking theme due to a lover spurned. When the title character is rejected, she refuses to take no for an answer, and stages a siege on her former lover’s home. His “man cave” is not only pummeled by a rain of bloody, broken birds, but everything he loves is soon under attack.  Why? Because of spurned emotion. At the end of the day, the heart is more deadly than any weapon.
In my novel The Pumpkin Man, the killer’s motives are less obvious at first… but the victims all share a dark secret that they were involved in a quarter century before. When the killer carves the likenesses of their faces in a jack-o-lantern, he is memorializing them… and exposing their own evil as he disappears with their heads in the dark of the night.
Past actions driven by the passions of the heart can haunt us for the rest of our lives, no matter how we may try to bury them. When seen through that eye, you can understand how attractive being alone can be. It’s safer there away from the unpredictable actions of others. There are no minds and hearts twisted by emotion to ruin the day or burn down the night.
There is only you.
Of course, when you’re completely alone, you’re also at your most vulnerable.
In some ways you’re safest when you’re alone… and yet that creak in the floorboard just above… what if it isn’t the wind, but the walk? The footsteps of your past coming back to bring some misguided vengeance? He/she may have climbed in through the bedroom window. Lowered a vengeful obsession back into your life from the roof.
No matter how closeted you keep yourself, you must at some point interact. And you can never escape from the things and people you’ve touched in the past. You will always, in some way, be stalked by your past. In the end, we create our future peril with every word and action of the now. Those actions may be kind or cruel… but how they’re transmuted by the twisted minds of others can never be predicted or controlled.
And that may be the scariest thought of all.
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  1. I totally agree with you about going to a bar. I hate when people talk to me. I go to bars to get a drink, to speak with the people I came with or to watch the game. I also agree with you regarding what is scary about movies like High Tension. :)

  2. Hey Rhi! The bar thing is kind of funny - because a lot of people go to bars TO interact. Not me. I have ended up having some interesting conversations in that setting, but usually... I'm just wanting to get back to my own thoughts/writing. You won't find me striking up conversation with my neighbors on a plane, though, either!

  3. I really enjoyed reading about the who of who you are. I understand the desire not to have people interfering with my time. I may not have a woman's cave but I do desire my own quiet space. Thanks for this . Vitina