Wednesday, October 26, 2016

LYNN LAMB: The Texture of Paint

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Are you willing to entertain a different vision of the afterlife? Landry Sinclair has a story to tell—listen carefully.
I played the professional career woman. Beneath the façade, I was lonely and ashamed. My plans for upward mobility were squashed when I fell into the hands of a ruthless serial killer. I became entangled in his rich web of heinous acts. After he slipped a date-rape drug in my drink, then brutally tortured me, I awakened to an inescapable nightmarish realm on the wrong side of the mirror.
And I was not alone.
Will I be forced to idle here for an eternity, peering through the mirror into my former world, helplessly watching as a homicidal monster butchers woman after woman?
We watch life through windows, mirrors, and doors—pay attention.
I know because I sing the opus of the dead.

The Past
In 1632, Lord August Godwine, an Austrian nobleman, commissions Swiss clockmaker Frederick Jori to create a miniature city of automatons to amuse himself and impress the aristocracy. When Jori refuses to commit offenses against God, he undergoes brutal, unimaginable torture until the once-pious craftsman surrenders to his fate. But what he hides in the innocuous-appearing automatons ignites a horrific apocalypse—one that will not be realized for 400 years.
The Present
In 21st century San Francisco, Ireland Barton is a brilliant, successful young scientist, but there is one drawback to her perfect life—she suffers from a rare immune disorder that keeps her confined in a plastic bubble. When a new virus is released on the world, she begins a heart-pounding race to find a cure to save what is left of humanity and battle malevolent forces housed in 17th century figurines.
An Uncertain Future
As two worlds—two time periods—collide, will Ireland unravel the mystery of the dolls before the clock winds down on humanity?


Did you ever wonder how you would survive a global nuclear apocalypse? Lynn Lamb imagined it into existence on the written page!
Lynn Lamb is the author of the post-apocalyptic Survivor Diaries Series, The Oxymoron of Still Life, a Short Story Anthology, and Mechaniclism, an Apocalyptic~Horror novel. Lamb was inspired by the characters in her hometown of Monterey, California. She is also an independent filmmaker and scriptwriter.
She is excited to announce her next novel, Lullaby of the Dead, a Horror-Dark Fantasy, coming in late spring to early summer, 2016!
The Survivor Diaries explosive series and Mechaniclism’s chilling novel have made a big bang and a scream on the literary scene. Grab some of these incredible titles, and don’t miss out on this rapidly rising, chart-topping author!
Lullaby of the Dead: You Never Know Who You'll Meet When You're Dead! Coming to eBook


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