Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Yo, yo, yo, peeps! Stop spray painting your lawn orange! The neighborhood committee is just going to love that one, but then they don’t have to live there, do they? Freakin’ busybodies! Today, it’s Scary Woods Day. What is it about the freakin’ woods that drives us to put on suited armor and hide in the closet? It’s cause creatures live in them there woods, buddy! Creatures that’ll eat us alive without a second thought, that’s why … and don’t let anyone tell you any different! And woods figure in our Daily Book Giveaway! Two people are in for the scare of their lives!    

The fantastic author/artist Laura Wright LaRoche is offering up two ebooks of BLACK WOODS REVEALED.. BLACK WOODS REVEALED is Book Two in the BLACK WOODS SERIES. The first book, BLACK WOODS, is FREE! Yes, as in nada, zip, zilch, nothing! If I were you, and I could be if I wanted to with identity theft running so rampant, I’d be downloading my free copy and make her sorry she ever gave me such an opening! I’m talking about driving a truck through that particular opening!

In addition to the giveaway and FREE book, Laura also was driven to … I mean, kind enough to write some original fiction for you all! It’s called MIDNIGHT and it’s all about black cats and … oops! I’ll stop there and let you find out!  It only took me texting her every five minutes over the course of a month with, “Are you gonna write a story and do a giveaway? Huh? Huh? Are you? ARE YOU?” to break her down! And she took if pretty well … if you consider telling me not to ever have any contact with her again ‘pretty well’, but I do these things for you … or so I tell myself!
As for the contest, same rules apply. All you have to do is go to the Official Facebook HALLOWEENPALOOZA Event Page and comment in today’s post that you want to win and you just might! Link is below. So relax, get some apple cider, and kick back to read MIDNIGHT! Then download your FREE book before you enter to win BLACK WOODS REVEALED! Sounds like a full day to me … guess work can wait!  

LaGina struggled with her aging body as she walked towards the dim light that seeped through the thick, red drapes. Her liver-spotted hand shook as she grabbed the satin tieback and wrapped it around the curtain before hooking it over the brass wall clip. Dust billowed in the now brightly sun-filled room as the old woman pushed back her long, white hair and peered out the window. The front yard was nicely trimmed with colorful flowers running down each side of the old broken sidewalk. Trees lined the border, blocking it from the nearby dirt road. Her eyes frantically scanned the area, looking for her dear friend, Midnight. He was just an old stray black cat she had found wondering the alleys in her childhood hometown when she was only eight years old.
“Midnight!” LaGina yelled after limping to the back door in hopes the cat was hiding in the thick woods. “Here, kitty, kitty!” Spoken louder with a shaky hint of fear, she’d shouted it after she’d opened the door. Carefully, she descended the back steps and closed in on the trees. “I have a treat for you!”
“Meow,” Midnight faintly answered. LaGina quickly looked toward the old well. No! Her mind screamed with panic, but just then, the old cat sauntered around the crumbling bricks. Her heart skipped a beat and she smiled.
Slowly, she scooped the old cat into her arthritic arms and gently caressed his dull gray fur. His eyes were murky, a veil of white hiding his once green eyes. “You poor baby,” the old woman cooed in a voice much more suitable to a young woman. She turned until facing her house, the limp in her walk less noticeable as she neared her home. She reached for the doorknob and her liver-spotted hand was now as peachy as the fruit on a tree. After they entered their home, Midnight leaped from her arms as spry as a kitten, landing with a thud. His body glistened in the light as he rubbed his black-colored fur against his mistress' legs.
“You silly cat,” LaGina said as she bent down. The movement caused her long, blonde hair to fall forward as she stroked Midnight's head. She had enjoyed over one hundred and forty years with her beloved friend and she hoped for many more. Midnight looked upward to her with those bright green eyes she was so accustomed to seeing. “Don't you wander off again. You know it will be the death of us,” the now young LaGina said. She gracefully walked into the kitchen with her friend close behind.
Midnight sat down on the cold tile floor, licking his paw and watching his mistress while he patiently waited for his tasty treat.

I'm a native of Noblesville, Indiana where I was born in 1968, but spent my childhood in the small town of Shoals and my current residence is Linton, Indiana. I come from a loving home and as the youngest of six children, probably enjoyed being the "baby" a little more than I should. I'm a self motivator with many titles of interest, including: Fine Arts Artist, Digital Art designer, Photographer, Author, Rock Carver, Avid Mushroom hunter and the one I hold dearest - Mom.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this latest outing into Black Woods and recommend to those who enjoy sleuthing and mystery mixed with a healthy dose of the paranormal.” – Amazon Reader

Explore another tale of the Black Woods in Black Woods Revealed.

The fierce creature lurking in the woods now has a buddy in the lake. Laura has visions of disastrous events. In order to help find out if what Laura is envisioning is true, Julie and Laura team up with a reporter named Beth, who specializes in historical facts and myths. The three of them dive into the past to see what is hiding as they search for answers to the Black Woods mystery. In a race against time, they try to find closure to the killings that have occurred. Can the disasters be stopped before anyone else dies? How is the creature in the Black Woods connected to the monster in the lake? Find out, in Black Woods Revealed!
Avid mushroom hunters and volunteers with the local Search and Rescue Department, Laura and Julie, who are in their sixties, remember that first encounter in the woods years ago.

Four young men, who are fun by nature, travel to the woods with high hopes of a hunt they won't forget.

A call to the Search and Rescue Department will bring them shockingly together in the...
Black Woods.


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    1. I just got your books for my Kindle.

    2. Wonderful! I'm so glad you liked Midnight and took the time to download my book! Have a spooky Halloween! Thanks Laura.

    3. Michael, So glad you enjoyed Laura's story! She's such a pleasure to work with and she knows how to spin a creepy tale!

    4. Thanks for all the hard work Wendy! I love HalloweenPalooza! :)