Monday, October 27, 2014

THE WILDS: Kit Tinsley


Okay, stop sharpening the blades on all your metal instruments!!! Yeah, yeah, I know you’re gonna use them to carve your pumpkin … s-s-s-shhhh-urrre you are!!! With four more days to go until the BIG DAY, I’ll keep your secret!!! Just don’t make like Edward Scissorhands on the neighbor’s hedges like you did last year!!! They didn’t like the bushes shaped like demons and it took forever for them to grow out!!! So instead of getting in more trouble, enter to win today’s spookalicious tale because it’s Daily Book Giveaway time!  

What could be better for a promo devoted to THE STEP OF THE CAT than a story about a big cat prowling the woods killing people?!!! Yeah, I knew you’d like that scenario!!! So apropos, don’t you think? Horrormeister KIT TINSLEY is offering up TEN ECOPIES of THE WILDS! Part mystery, part thriller, it’s sheer suspenseful horror!!!  And KIT was no pushover!!!! I had to dangle him over a snake pit to agree to participate in this party!!! Unfortunately, he used the old, “Look behind you!” gambit and I fell for it … literally!!! I dropped into that hole like a wallet into a sewer!!! How do wallets manage to fit through the gratings so easily?!!!! But Kit helped by throwing me a rope so I could climb out … after a few hours had gone by … well, actually, a few days … BUT he did toss a couple of bottles of water so I’d stay hydrated until I could make my escape!!! Sweet!!!!   

But enough about me and the over one hundred bites I had to endure!!!! If you want one of those TEN ECOPIES you best get to commenting “I WANT TO WIN” in the October 27th Daily Giveaway post pinned to the top of the Official HALLOWEENPALOOZA FB Event page!!! While no lethal weapons will be allowed (there will be metal detectors at both entrance and exits), I’m allowing elbowing today so make those jabs count!!!

Kit Tinsley is an English horror author. He is a fan of all things horror.

He graduated form DMU Leicester in 2002 with a BA (hons) in Media Studies and English. Since then he has spent time teaching both subjects in secondary and further education.

He has also worked on several independent films, Writing a film called 'Red Route' in 2007. Unfortunately the film, which Kit also acted in, has been lost in post production hell since completion.

Most recently he has worked on production of a film called 'Shadows of a Stranger', working with actors from the popular T.V shows Doctor Who, Rainbow and Torchwood, as well as an actor who appeared in both 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight'. The film is being prepared for its release as we speak.

Kit is also a musician, He is lead vocalist/guitarist for a punk/folk/rock band called Dog Goblins.

He was born in Shropshire in 1978, but has lived in Lincolnshire since 1985.

He lives with his wife and their young son.

Website: website

“A well-written and well-plotted horror story that I enjoyed
from beginning to end.” – Amazon Reader

Something is roaming the countryside, and people are vanishing.

When his older brother disappears, Karl Morgan returns to the sleepy town of his youth, desperate for answers. He meets local reporter, Jason Flynn, who is convinced that there is a wild big cat at large in the fields and woods around the town. Karl and Jason set off to investigate the disappearances and the legendary 'Darton Beast'.

Standing in their way is D.C.I Jon Pearce a man willing to keep secrets and break the rules for the greater good. Pearce blames Flynn for ruining his career and will do anything he can to discredit him.

As Karl and Jason get closer to the truth, the stakes become higher. Will they discover the big cat, or something far worse?

Horror and suspense combine in a climax that will answer the most important question, who will survive The WildS?



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