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First of all, there is no such thing as the Halloween Bunny!!!! No, it is not monstrously large nor does it have glowing red eyes that burnish a path to your soul so they can suck it out!!! Next, they do not lay eggs that contain hatchlings so STOP ROAMING AROUND THE BACKYARD LOOKING FOR THEM CAUSE THEY’RE NOT THERE!!! That’s better …. Wouldn’t want you to miss the Daily Book Giveaway all because of what some drunk at a bar told you! And I’ve sworn off drinking so it won’t happen again! Today’s book giveaway is actually THREE ebooks!!! A trifecta of ebooks and THREE lucky people will win!!! 
So what's THE STONE SOLDIERS series about? Well, there’s this elite force … working for the government. This small band of psychics battles myths, monsters and magic around the world! This is the world the awesomely talented C.E. Martin has created and you get to live there ... if you promise to come back!!! This premise is just perfect for this time of year … and it’s a series!!! I “convinced” Mr. Martin to cough up Book 1, 2, 3 of THE STONE SOLDIERS series for you Lizards!!! That's right!!! You'll be receiving: MYTHICAL, BROTHERS IN STONE, AND BLOOD AND STONE! And the power of a chainsaw can’t be underestimated. You don’t even have to brandish it!!! Just start one up and stay calmly seated across the conference room table where the negotiations are being held, and you got yourself a deal! I call this type of tactic the “making you flinch” syndrome. While others may refer to it as a felony, Mr. Martin  was nice enough not to press charges!!! Sweet!!!

Same contest rules apply even with the abbondanza of good reading! Go to the Official Facebook HALLOWEENPALOOZA Event Page and comment in today’s post that you want to win and you just might! Link is below. Good luck and prepare yourself for some good fun in reading this one … and two … and three!!!   

C.E. Martin resides in the American midwest with his wife and two daughters.

C.E. draws upon his experience as a USAF veteran and seventeen years as a criminal investigator to write pulp-styled thrillers. A long-time fan of pulp fiction and men's adventure, C.E. was first inspired to write by classics like The Destroyer and Doc Savage. When not authoring the latest in his own Stone Soldiers military thriller series, C.E. can be found watching B-movies with his kids or battling virtual evildoers on X-Box Live

“MYTHICAL is something old made new and a true pleasure to discover.  And it's only the first step in what I predict is going to be an amazing series.  Buy your ticket and get on board now!” – Ron Fortier, Pulp Fiction Reviews

A collection of the first three books in the Stone Soldiers series that pits supersoldiers against the supernatural:

After millenia trapped in tombs, two shapeshifting giants are set free in the modern world. Able to take the form, the memories and even the powers of anyone by ripping out and eating their hearts, the giants blaze a trail of carnage across the face of America.

The United States responds quickly, sending their own supersoldiers to combat this latest supernatural threat. But Colonel Mark Kenslir and his living stone soldiers are no match for the first shapeshifter. When the Colonel returns to life after a brief battle, he must complete his last mission and stop the shapeshifter with only the help of two brave teens.

With one shapeshifter defeated, Kenslir must rebuild a team of supersoldiers to defend America. But the shapeshifters regroup as well and bring the fight to the Colonel. Breaking into the supersoldiers’ base of operations in Miami, the giants plunder the supernatural resources so carefully kept out of view of the public, but ultimately are stopped.

Defeated, but not killed, the last shapeshifter flees to Mexico, posing as the Mayan god Kukulcan to gather worshipers and sacrifices. Colonel Kenslir and his new team must head south and stop the last shapeshifter once and for all, before it amasses enough power to become unstoppable.


1. Simply click on link below
2. Comment "I Want to Win" on the October 21st Daily Giveaway post
3. That's it! All names will be put into Random.org at 8 PM this evening. Winners will be posted on FB! 



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