Monday, October 6, 2014


Bloody fairies: nina smith

I know it’s after sunrise and that you’re headed to your underground crypt for some sleep, but wait! We’re featuring your favorite substance today! You remember when you bit into that neck last night? What came spurting out? You got it! Blood because it’s Bloody Fairies time! It’s also time for our Daily Book Giveaway! Today it’s all about the vampires, quests, spiders, ancient weapons and annihilation! Isn’t that a great combination! It’s as good as s’mores … or Lucky Charms so let’s get going before the sunlight destroys you!   

There is one print copy of Bloody Fairies up for grabs! It’s the first in the dark comic fantasy series Shadow. Spinning a tale of death, blood, war and shiny things, it’s by the fearsomely awesome Nina Smith. As for the contest, same rules apply. All you have to do is go to the Official Facebook HALLOWEENPALOOZA Event Page and comment in today’s post that you want to win and you just might! Link is below. So let’s get the rampage on the road and get you some great reading!

Nina Smith has been writing stories since she first held a crayon.

Now she's all grown up, her stories range from political dystopias to small town murders, to bloodthirsty fairy folk who like war and shiny things.

Hailstone was her debut novel on Kindle and Amazon, followed by Dead Silent. Her third offering is Book 1 in the  Shadow series, Bloody Fairies. Book 2, Curses! is now in production.

She leads a secret double life as a journalist, theatrical bellydancer and costume designer, has a family obsessed with all things medieval, a cat obsessed with sleep and thirty grouchy chickens.

Bloody fairies

“If you like magic , if you like vampires, fairies, Muses or anything in between this book is the one for you..” – Amazon Reader

Welcome to Shadow.

...Mind the fairy dust.

When Bloody Fairy Hippy Ishtar takes her pet spider, defies her tribe and flees the world of Shadow with the all-powerful muse king on a quest for an ancient weapon that will save her people from certain annihilation, only one thing is certain: she’s going to be in deep trouble when she goes home.

But the trouble is only just beginning. The weapon is not where it’s supposed to be. Their search is dogged by gangsters, a dodgy treasure hunter, insurgents from Shadow and a very nasty vampire intent on creating an army.

Time is running out – and when Hippy’s alliance with the muse king lands her in a prison of monsters and madmen, she is forced to choose between death and war.

There’s just one thing the muse king hasn’t counted on.

Bloody Fairies are good at war. And she’s going to make him hurt.

Bloody Fairies is the first volume in Shadow, a dark comic fantasy series about death, blood, war and shiny things.


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  1. Picked up the 3 on Vast difference

    1. You mean, BLOODY FAIRIES?

      It totally rocks that you're picking up on these books!