Wednesday, October 8, 2014

STALKER'S SHADOW: Horror Short by Gurkirt Hunjan

Stalkers Shadow Produced by Gurkirt Hunjan

I was asked to review Stalkers Shadow, a horror short that’s on youtube. Here’s my take:
We’ve all been there. Caught walking home on a dark street. No one’s around and there’s a park bench. It’s always bad news when an empty park bench comes into view … especially in horror flicks, but we put our hoodies up and stuff our hands in our pocket and continue along, trying to be tough and confident … until we hear that noise behind us. Most times, it’s nothing. Only a leaf blowing or neighborhood cat, but this time is different. When we turn around, someone is there.
This short flick deals with one of those times when our worst fear is realized. I like the framing of shots. They capture interesting angles that set the mood and there’s an effective use of music. All these elements got me to go along on the ride, but as often happens in a shorter film, it ends just as we’re set for the story to take off. As to what that story is, it’s anyone’s guess. Is it a stranger that follows us home? Or is it only a shadow side of our own selves that we can’t escape. Either way, I’d like to see more … *hint hint* 
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Stalkers Shadow was produced by Gurkirt Hunjan. He has another channel that you might want to check out. Here’s the link to both:


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